Transformation Stories (Pt 2) – Alpheos’ New Life

Did you come to our Walkathon this year? It was a great event full of fun, a sense of purpose and of course…walking!

Our aim for this event was for us as a community to raise $5000 towards building a home for Alpheos, a single dad with a leg disability and doing life tough in Swaziland. Alpheos use to live in a shed on someone else’s land but had to vacate it last year. A local community chief gave Alpheos a parcel of land, which he began to clear with the help of some local friends.

Alpheos has piecework maintaining a church garden. He loves gardening and takes particular pride in his work. He works hard to give his son Sifiso a better life.

Construction started on the two bedroom house early 2017 and was completed in July along with a pit latrine and a 5,000 litre water tank.

Alpheos is now working on gathering fencing materials to complete a boundary fence. When he does that Operation Hope will partner with him and supply the fencing mesh. This will keep the animals out of his property so he can begin to start his garden, plant maize and vegetables produce to eat and sell.

Since our Walkathon in January we have also enrolled Sifiso into the local school and have assisted him with school supplies, food and a uniform. Despite having to adjust into his new school Sifiso received top grading in his class last month. We are so proud of him!

It has been an exciting journey for us all and we are so pleased to see Alpheos and his family enjoy their new home sweet home.

If this story has excited you why not join us in making a transformative difference in someone’s life? Come along to our fundraising events or choose to give a donation.


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