Training for transformation…

“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.” Ann Voskamp

At Operation Hope we believe that to truly move forward we need to expand our understanding, skill set and experience. We should never cease learning. With this in mind, we endeavour to regularly provide training and learning opportunities for our team. A core reason some of our board regularly go to Swaziland and Sri Lanka is to build our team’s capacity and help grow their skills.

Some of the learning topics surrounding community development were on gender, our Sister Act program, report writing and child protection. Office and team skills have included Word, Excel, budgeting, conflict resolution and goal setting.

As some of our program is geared towards agriculture we have also covered how caring for our environment is vital to sustainability. We visited Guba and gathered information on permaculture. The team loved this and could really see how using small and slow solutions can make people more resilient and better equipped to adapt to their varying needs and a changing environment.

The team were privileged to be trained in first aid by Nikki and Andrew (OH board and from Melbourne) as well as Good Shepherd Home Based Care team. In addition to this they also had a very hands on class in snake handling and training. Chris and Fiona also completed the snake course while in Swaziland.

As a result of the exposure to all this information as well as practical experience, we have seen our team grow in skill, professionalism and most importantly love and care of the people we serve.

If you think you have a skill that would benefit our team please contact us to discuss further. Together we can do more!


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