Ready, Set, Go!

Although the lead up to leaving was somewhat stressful, it was really exciting to see two suitcases packed with jacks, beanies and clothing for the children of Swaziland. Getting the excess baggage allowance really helped (Special thanks Singapore Airlines). Chris managed to buy out a toy factory’s stock of jacks. (Remember this game with pick ups, scatters, dumps & horse in the stable?)

As we packed a tear fell as I got an image of God and His love and concern for the Swazis. He loves them so much that He would choose to put them in our heart and send us to be His hands and feet. We have often sung songs in church that went something like ‘send me to the nations’ and ‘I wanna be your hands and be your feet’. We have now been given the chance to prove we mean what we sing.

The Christmas parties we are organising are going to rock with bubbles, footy, games, pressies and yummy treats.

Thanks once again to everyone who generously gave to help make this difference possible.


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