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christmas party 1

We all know celebrating special moments and creating memories are important. Time spent with family and friends are immortalised in our photos, videos and on social media. In fact as this year draws to a close many of us will continue to create memories and have fun at end of year celebrations, reflecting on the year that has been.

Likewise Operation Hope tries to create special moments for the people we work alongside. There is nothing more memorable than good times, fun, food and games with friends and family.  Over the last few years we have hosted many parties at local rural carepoints for orphan and vulnerable children (OVCs).

Carepoints are a local gathering place that OVCs attend for approximately 5 hours a day to get a meal (usually mealie meal) and play games and sing some songs with a volunteer from the community.

We have been privileged to support some of these carepoints in the way of food, building repairs and social support.

Our prayer for you in 2015 is that you too will experience the joy, love and hope that many of these precious children do, despite difficult circumstances.

As many of you prepare to enjoy feasting and fun on New Year’s Eve, we would love to share some of our party highlights over the last couple of years… they were a great way of simply having a good time!

christmas party 2

christmas party 3


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