The Australian Team


team8Fiona Grech
Co-founder, Board Director, Project Manager, Education & Training, Monitoring and Evaluation

Fiona has been part of Operation Hope since its inception. She has travelled extensively to many developing countries including Swaziland, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Kenya, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand. She holds a Masters in International and Community Development and teaches at Chisholm Institute in the Early Childhood and Community Services Department. She currently spends 4-6 months overseas each year training and upskilling our local partners.



team1Chris Grech
Co-founder, Swaziland Board Member, Communications and Marketing

Chris too has been part of Operation Hope since its inception. Working as a self employed Graphic Design Professional has allowed him to work from overseas with him to keep him & Fiona sustained each year.
Chris has also developed a love for wildlife photography and has started a side business selling fine art prints which he uses to put back into living expenses.




Charles Schokman
Co-founder, Board Member, Evergreens Leader





team5Claudette Schokman
Co-founder, Board Member, Evergreens Leader





Nikki Jenkins
Board Secretary

Nikki is currently studying a Masters in International and Community Development and has recently returned from spending 15 months volunteering in Swazialnd. Nikki has also travelled extensively to…… A nurse by profession she now works in palliative care…..



team9Clifford Morrison
Board Public Officer

Doctor, time in Swaziland and Sri Lanka for medical internships as well as volunteering




team7Geraldine Dunuwille
Board Treasurer

Time spent in Sri Lanka and Swaziland




team3Grant Buchanan
Board Member






team3Steve Kay
Board Member




 The Swazi Team

Nomsa Gamedze
Operation Hope Swaziland Project Manager, Child Protection Officer

Nomsa has been serving Swazis in a voluntary capacity for many years, working with youth groups and members of the community in practical ways. She has promoted HIV prevention through drama and served as a pre-school teacher and facilitator for non-formal education. She has served on a school board nad been a bucopho (a development officer) for her community. Nomsa has currently taken on the care of 4 orpahn girls that Operation Hope is helping to support.


team2Mthobisi Magagula
Operation Hope Swaziland Family Liaison

Mthobisi volunteered for the Operation Hope for several months before joining the team. Mthobisi ensures that the families we care for are moving towards self-sustainance by regular visits and encouragement. When away from work Mthobisi enjoys soccer and singing in a local choir.



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