Operation Sister Act – Pad Production

It is great to be out in the field again with time to not only implement the projects we have been working so hard towards but to also have some wonderful conversations and dream about what could be.

Today was one of those surreal days…..

It wasn’t so long ago that I came across an organisation in Kenya that made re-useable and washable pads for girls. Providing these pads for girls gave them the freedom to remain consistently in school. I loved this idea and started to explore this opportunity. Below is an extract from last year’s Operation Hope Spring newsletter with some background information:

In developing countries, millions of girls are unable to afford sanitary pads. This forces them to miss 3-5 days of school during their monthly periods. Many eventually drop out, compromising their education and ultimately their future. Some girls often resort to using old cloth, pieces of mattress and other materials that promote infection and leak, causing embarrassment. Lack of education almost always leads to a lifetime of social and economic vulnerability.

We believe all girls should be free to lead healthy, happy lives, with access to a decent education and so Operation Sister Act was born. This campaign seeks to empower women in developed countries to empower young girls living in poverty to become the women they were called to be.

Through ‘Operation Sister Act’ we hope to:

• Keep girls in school
• Educate girls on HIV/AIDS prevention
• Encourage local, sustainable job development

Operation Hope raised awareness last year and fundraised to give ‘Freedom Kits’ to Swazi and Sri Lankan girls this year. Each kit is packed with reusable sanitary napkins (that last up to 18 months) and other essential sanitation products including soap, underwear and life-saving information on HIV/AIDS prevention.

Today was the start of our pilot program. We were so excited to meet Piyasena and his wife Sharmalee who are making our trial pads. About 270 of these pads will be delivered to us on Thursday in time for our training program in a small rural village this weekend.

Stay tuned to hear about how it all goes.


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