A National Treasure

national treasure 2

Meet Gogo Sarah.

Sarah was born in 1914 and lives high on a hill in a mud hut with her son. Her son takes cares of her with the help of the local RHM (Rural Health Motivator).

Sarah was raised at Ebenezer Mission, about 15 mins from Siteki (where we live). The missionaries of the time gave her the name Sarah. To our surprise Sarah can read and speak English very well.

Her RHM (Rural Health Motivator) referred Sarah to us and we have been visiting her for the past 2 years. She loves our visits and anxiously awaits them.

Sarah cannot walk. She crawls along the dirt floor to greet us.

In a soft spoken voice Sarah tells us stories of her past, sings to us and makes us laugh. She recalls her upbringing, her marriage, her children and even when she lost her teeth (1974)! Some of her classic comments include ‘I am too old’,  ‘I have no ears, I have no eyes’ and ‘I have no blood… they (the doctors) drained all my blood’.

A visit to Sarah is always a highlight. She brings us much joy.

national treasure 3

When we visit her we bring tea, sugar, sweets, cooked chicken and bread – her most requested favourites.  Last year we gave her a scarf and beanie which was knitted by one of Operation Hope’s supporters. She often refuses to take it off… even in hot weather!

With a life expectancy of 49 for males and 51 for females (World Health Organisation), Sarah is nothing short of a ‘crawling’ miracle as she is expected to be 100 years old in June 2014. We cannot wait to celebrate with her and throw her a small party.

Meeting her has been a gift. She is truly a rare treat and an absolute joy… one of Swaziland’s national treasures.



  1. Nic says:

    Amazing! I love that she is treated with such respect. Everybody should know somebody like Sarah.

  2. Marianne Misso says:

    I would like to give her something special for her 100th birthday. what would she like?

  3. Paul Korchok says:

    She doesn’t look 100! Amazing! What a darling! We’re sending blood 🙂

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  5. Cynthia Campbell says:

    Sarah was indeed a national treasure and I’m sure she will be missed by all who came in contact with her. A wonderful sweet dear lady God bless you Fiona for the kindness, support and love you gave her.

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