My Pet Photo

My Pet Photo is proud to be a supporter of Operation Hope.

We know how precious pets are. After all, they’re more than animals… they’re family!

If you’re a pet owner then you know there’s something very special about the relationship you have with your furry, feathery or scaley friend. They bring joy, laughter, comfort, happiness and much needed therapy in today’s mad, mad world. Pets are not just loyal companions… they’re truly a gift!

At My Pet Photo we know no two pets are the same; each have their own character and personality. Our aim is to capture that character and bring out that special bond you share. We’re committed to creating beautiful images for you to cherish for a lifetime… images you’ll be proud to decorate your home or office with… images to share with family and friends or give as gifts.

If you have a furry friend and would like professional photos that will please visit our site