Lovins & Grace

The visit to the boys project centre was wonderful. However, Chris and I were unprepared for the emotional response we felt when we met our two sponsor girls, Lovins and Grace.

Lovins and Grace captured our hearts right from the get go. We fell in love with these two special girls. It was a time we will never forget.

Lovins is 16. She hopes to one day be a nurse. She’s a tall, kind soul and has a smile that lights up the room. She loves music, singing and songwriting (just like her sponsor Dad). She wrote a song and got the chance to sing it for us.

We also visited her home where we met her grandmother and some of her family. They were lovely. We exchanged gifts and shared a small meal together.

Later in the day Lovins showed us the pig she bought with some of the money we sent her earlier through Compassion. She also showed us how she carries water everyday… on her head. She must have a strong neck. I tried… but failed dismally.

Grace is 12 and wants to be a lawyer. She’s a beautiful girl with a warm smile that matches her soft, tender heart. Grace is shy, funny and intelligent.

Grace had her very first milkshake with us when we took her out to lunch. She ate sausages and chips (her special request).

We taught her how to play the game of jacks we got her. She’s a talented and fast learner.

We also visited Grace’s home and met her lovely mum, her carer and her pastor.

We planted trees at both girl’s places. We laughed and cried. We really got to know them on a deeper level and the years writing letters and getting to know each other only served to strengthen this relationship.

We taught in both their schools, met their teachers and some of their friends. It was a great time. We were doubly blessed to see them during the 2 days and we hope to one day see our girls again.


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