Liquid Gold

“Water is gold” was a comment made by Babe Elliot when we visited the Mambane Care Point. In 2009 donations to Operation Hope funded a water tank here in this much needed area. Possible Dreams International facilitated in installing the tank and added a pump and bore hole as well. This water point now services 3000 people! Previously the community retrieved water from a very polluted waterhole. Now, as a result of accessible fresh water, incidences of diarrhoea have reduced dramatically.

The care point operates under a tree and provides a meal a day, water, education and care to 67 children, many who are double orphans. The 3 teachers and cooks volunteer their time.

We hosted our final Christmas party here last week and over 70 children turned up, with lots of dancing, singing and Christmas cheer. Babe Elliot’s dream is to see a training program for children, adult literacy classes and a market garden established here.

Care points have become an integral part of caring for orphan and vulnerable children here in Swaziland. Many organisations run them across the country providing food, medical, water and educational needs. More than this they provide a safe place for children to go where they receive love and care.

Sometimes it can be the only place where these little ones will get a hug and a kind word.


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