Kennedy & Victor

One of the reasons we came to Kenya was to see our two sponsor children and our church’s sponsor children.

I first heard about Compassion at a Hillsong conference in back in 1999. At that time I was one of the Children leaders at Winepress church. I thought connecting the children to another child somewhere else in the world would be a great way to learn and care, so we decided to start sponsoring a child. His name is Kennedy and he came from Kenya.

Kennedy was 6 when we started sponsoring him… he is now a tall 17!

Over the years we wrote to each other – sharing stories and information. Sometimes the children would even send pictures they had drawn. The money the children brought each week to children’s church went towards Kennedy’s sponsorship.

Recently at Kaleidoscope (another community we attend) we decided to sponsor another child from the same project centre that Kennedy is a part of. The child’s name is Victor and he is 6 years old.

Our meeting with Kennedy and Victor was a special one. Both boys were shy at first but as the day progressed they came out of their shells.

On arrival we were shown their school reports, the letters we had both written and their medical reports. We discovered that Kennedy would like to be a Swahili teacher and Victor a builder. We then shared a traditional Kenyan meal together and gave them photos and drawings from the children here in Australia. Kennedy even saw the original photo we received of him when he was 6. We also planted a tree with each boy to mark the moment.

Through our letter writing we learnt that both boys loved soccer and so we took 2 fairtrade soccer balls with us as gifts along with some other treats. Suffice to say that the balls were an enormous hit!

Later in the day we went to the boys homes and met their beautiful families. We gave each home a food hamper but this was nothing compared to their generosity, which included songs and dances of celebration and the giving of baskets.

By the end of the day both boys had big smiles. So did we. When Victor posed with his thumb up and Chris’ hat on it made everyone laugh – he was very funny!

Meeting Kennedy and Victor was so special – it was a day we will never forget. We are so proud of the children of Winepress and Kaleidoscope for their ongoing support.

There’s something very special in seeing children caring and being empowered to help their own generation.



  1. Fiona Walker says:

    What a beautiful story – thanks for sharing!

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