Our Journey with Compassion

When it comes to child sponsorship many people are hesitant to give because they are uncertain about where their money goes. Does it really help the child? How much is allocated to administration? Who really benefits? Is it all a scam? These are legitimate questions. It is important whenever donating money that you know how it goes towards good aid.  Check out this post by the Global Poverty Project.

When Chris and I decided to visit our Compassion sponsor children we asked lots of questions and saw for ourselves exactly where our sponsorship money goes.

The first thing we discovered was how much the staff and volunteers really care for the children. It is not just a job for them. They are very much a part of their lives. There is laughter, love and learning.

We found out that the money we donate doesn’t go directly to the child. Instead most of the money goes to the development centre via the head office, thereby supporting all of the children in the project.

Kennedy, Victor, Lovins and Grace all receive what Compassion title ‘care for the complete child’. This holistic care covers economic, spiritual, social, physical and emotional developmental areas. The child sponsorship program encompasses nutrition, education, vocational training and healthcare, and all this through Christ-centred ministry through church based programs on site.

Some examples of this are:

• Yearly health screens as well as regular medical check ups
• School fees and uniforms
• Lessons in agriculture, tailoring, masonry, welding, hairdressing, basketry and Instrument making
• Teaching about HIV/Aids, health and hygiene

Detailed records of each child’s progress, health, and school reports are also kept and available to sponsors. Money is put towards growing a small library that the children can access for help with homework.

Each child also receives a family visit to ensure that everything is ok at home, and if the family are struggling, domestic help is provided like food supplements. If a child is very sick, sponsorship also covers hospitalisation. These are complimentary interventions and include income generation and clean water.

All the development centres are connected to a local church. The church funds building construction, such as a library we saw being built at the boys centre. Some of the money is also used for funding the cook’s wage and security for the property, ensuring the safety of the children. There are a few paid project workers who run the centre full time and lots of volunteers from the church and local community.

We saw well-balanced children who are encouraged to be healthy, responsible and caring individuals. We are so appreciative of the care, assistance and love our sponsor children receive from the dedicated staff that work at the project.  They are truly releasing children from poverty.


$44 a month is a great investment for not just one child’s future but that of the child’s community as well. The children have dreams and believe that they can actually live it out and become leaders in their own communities.

If you would like to sponsor a child through Compassion please visit the Compassion website and help change a child’s life forever.


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