In Remembrance… Mkhulu Dibha

Dibha-0020 2Over the last few years we’ve had the privilege of working alongside some pretty amazing people. Mkhulu (grandpa) Dibha was one of them.

In 2013 we received a referral from social welfare to assess two young orphan boys who were living with their grandfather. When we visited the homestead we found a lovely, sweet old man living with his two grandsons in an old dilapidated tin shed. Dibha’s grandson’s were orphaned which meant Dibha was left with the task of providing for his family.

During his working days, Dibha had started to build a home for his family. However, when he got ill he became very weak and was unable to complete his house. As a result the building started to fall into disrepair.


Through the generosity of donors, Operation Hope was able to complete the building of Dibha’s house. Some members of the Swazi community assisted by clearing his land (which was terribly overgrown). Dibha and his family were put on our mealie meal program and the grandsons were provided with school uniforms. A small kitchen garden was later set up (which Dibha meticulously looked after). After raising more donations Operation Hope was able to install a 5,00litre water tank and donate a portable rocket stove to make cooking easier.


Dibha was a happy man – despite his circumstances he never complained. Whenever we visited him we would almost always find him outside cooking, wearing his knitted beanie that was made by one of our Evergreens. He would greet us warmly with his raspy voice and we would sit down and chat with him for a while.

Unfortunately Dibha took ill again and recently passed away. Our team were able to say our final goodbyes at the Good Shepherd Hospital and pray for him, as well as contribute towards his funeral expenses. We now are ensuring that his two grandsons are safe and properly cared for.

Goodbye Mkhulu, you will be missed. Our lives are better for having known you. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

We would sincerely like to thank everyone who has donated to Operation Hope. Your generosity has helped change lives and restore the dignity of many people like Dibha. 

If you are not a donor and would like to know more about tax deductible donations please click here.

If you like what we do and want to know how you might be able to partner with us please contact us. We are planning exposure trips where you can come visit Swaziland, meet the people we work with and help bring joy to their faces. (Be warned – they will bring joy to you as well!)

• A 1 to 3 room house (including a pit latrine) ranges from AU$3500-$5500.
• A stand alone pit latrine is AU$500.
• A 5,000 litre water tank is AU$450.


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