I Slept in…

Over the last few days I have really had a hard time sleeping. I have struggled, tossed, turned and seen morning  come all too quickly. As a result I have been so tired, grumpy (I know you are having a hard time imagining this), and have been unable to concentrate properly which has affected my studies, my energy levels and my overall demeanour.

Can I just say “I need my sleep or grumpy Fi comes out!”… (Chris can testify to that!)

Well yesterday at the chiefdom meeting, Gogo Lobusika was chatting with our team and casually made a comment… “I have been oversleeping and when I wake up I realise it is already morning”. This usually would be just a throw away comment… you know… a conversation add on. But as I heard this something hit me hard… really hard. I thought about what she had said and realised it was a revolutionary statement describing her new world.

Gogo has lived in a state of broken sleep, unrest and tiredness for so long I think she had forgotten what it was like to just simply sleep a normal night’s sleep. Yet here she was now sleeping in a closed tent on a mattress all warm and snuggly, protected from the elements. She no longer feels the wind and rain whipping at her body, she doesn’t have to be on guard for snakes and critters disturbing her sleep and she doesn’t have to crick and crack her body back into shape in the morning after sleeping on broken bed springs.

We joined in with her laughter at the thought of sleeping in but deep inside me I was so grateful for what her statement taught me that day. Last night I prayed that I too would experience her peace and guess what – I did! For the first time since we have been here I woke up at 9.00am. It is now 9.30am and I am ready and raring to tackle today’s challenges.

I have a deeply thankful heart. The poor can teach us so much and I know I am privileged to be able to learn these lessons.

We cannot wait until she is in her new home.


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