Home ‘New’ Home (pt 1)

Remember our ‘Home Improvements’ blog? Well today we were privileged to meet with Make Mamba (the owner of the house we helped repair), a builder, a healthcare worker and the local chief to discuss the possibility of building her a new 2 bedroom home.

Most of the land in Swaziland is national land and is allocated by local chiefs (on behalf of the King) to individuals and families. We had to ensure the land was allocated to the correct person before building was to proceed and that the relevant paperwork was in place.

After some discussion we were given the go ahead! The new home is going to replace the old wooden dwelling that her four children used to sleep in.

Make Mamba was over the moon! We were told by the chief that many had promised help over the last 15 years. However nothing was ever delivered.

She told us that if she died she would be comforted knowing her children are taken care of. Many tears of joy were shed today.

The home should be completed by mid February at a mere cost of approximately AU$3000.

We will also be donating new mattresses for the family once the house is built.

Thank you to everyone who contributed… another family’s life has been changed through your generosity.


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