Home ‘New’ Home (pt 3)

She put on her body and head covering and ran screaming towards us, hands clapping and flailing in the air, and then pointing to her new home… that was the greeting we got when we paid a surprise visit to Make (mother) Mamba to check out the house Operation Hope built for her last year. The joy and laughter present there was incredible. She proudly showed us inside her room and then took us out back to show us the pit latrine.

We thought Make Mamba had 4 children. We discovered that Make Mamba has 7 children (some of the girls are often away tending other fields to try and earn some money) and 5 grandchildren. Today there were also 3 neighbours visiting so you can imagine there were kids and young adults everywhere and lots of raucous laughter (of which of course I felt completely at home).

Operation Hope donated some food (maize, beans, sugar, soap, soup mix, rice)  to this struggling family as they did not have a good harvest this year.

After some chatting they sang a beautiful song of thanks to God and then they danced Swazi style… I tried to join in and caused much laughter…mmm not sure how I feel about that. 🙂

Chris on the other hand wowed everyone with his magic tricks (although he did have to explain to some that it was not satan and what he did was merely an illusion).

We were even given SiSwati names. Chris was named ‘Sibusiso’ which means ‘blessing’. My name ‘Luyanda’ means ‘love goes deep’. We kinda like that!

We look forward to a visiting them soon to have a housewarming party.



  1. Tori says:

    What appropriate names for you both!! P.s. I love reading your blogs and seeing the amazing way you love Gods precious people! Xo

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