Home ‘New’ Home (pt 2)

Remember our ‘Home ‘New’ Home blog back in January? If not check it out first.

Thought you would love to see the new home that was finally finished for Make Mamba and her family. In addition to the home, we also built a pit latrine and provided Make Mamba and her children with new mattresses.

Make Mamba, together with her family and local community send their love and thanks! In fact our friend Sphamandla was able to ask the children some questions and this is what they said:

home new home pt2

“During rainy days we did not sleep well because the place would be all flooded with water and we had to sleep using damp blankets. Life was not easy and the house was not safe since it was about to collapse.

We now feel safe and people now look at us in a normal way and not as the poorest family. We feel safe from many things like the rains and animals. We are also glad that we are not congested in one room anymore. We are now able to study well and have enough space to sleep.”

Through your generosity they now sleep in comfort and safety – protected from nature’s elements. Let’s continue to help one life at a time.


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