Home Improvements

Towards the end of the day we went out with the HBC team again to help repair a heavily leaking roof at one of the homesteads.

It had been raining for some time now and the family were sleeping in a mud hut on a wet muddy floor with no mattress. Oh my goodness! When we got there we saw six children all walking around bare foot in the cold mud and only wearing rags.

A man from a building supply place in Siteki generously donated an old piece of sail tarp to Kathleen that she had desperately been trying to source. We bought some rope. Chris, Thando, Kathleen and some local men helped secure it over her roof as a temporary fix until the roof can be properly repaired.

The lady who owned the house was soooo happy! She had tears in her eyes as she prayed a prayer of thanks.

It was a comfort knowing the family’s sleeping conditions were made marginally better through people working together to help each other.

Ah the power of unity!

We left with smiles on our faces, mud on our feet and thankfulness in our hearts for the conditions we have back home!


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