Grateful Hearts

Wide eyed wonderment!

Excited cheering!

Open mouthed awe… beautiful childhood expressions

Pushing a car “brummm, brummm”

Hugging a doll

Playing marbles… simple childhood experiences

These are images I am familiar with. I have seen them so many times when caring for children and it has always brought a smile to my face. However, in all my years, I have never been as happy to see another child smile as in the last few weeks.

For some of these children it was their very first toy. To see the excitement when they were given a gift and then realising it was all theirs blows any experience I could add to any ‘bucket list’.

To all who gave – Thank you!

A little girl kept her doll in the wrapping and kissed it whilst a little boy made the sounds of a car with the blocks we gave… so we gave him a car too. Wow was he stoked!

A young boy who was just admitted to hospital with extremely swollen bleeding lips very quickly learnt to play the “Barrel of Monkeys” game we gave him. New born babies wore brand new knitted beanies. Clothes that were donated are now being worn proudly.

To all who gave – Thank you!

A little toddler held onto everything we gave her… she wasn’t lettin’ anything go.

A boy of about 10 was the last to receive his gift of marbles… which he then proceeded to share with his friends. Unbelievable generosity.

To all who gave – Thank you!

Gogos (grannies) who were given a gift of food and a blanket lifted their frail bodies, sang, clapped and sometimes even danced in thanks to God.

A home is hopefully going to built for the family who we helped temporarily fixed their roof.

Mattresses are also being bought for various families.

To all who gave – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who partnered with us to bring smiles, laughter and hope to these beautiful people… these grateful people who live so far away and seem to be forgotten by the rest of the world.

Your generosity has gone a looooooong way. Thank you!

Together we can journey together and continue to do so much more.


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