Goodbye Sweet Lady

In one of our earlier blogs we spoke about Sarah, our national treasure.

Last year we had the privilege to celebrate her 99th birthday with some of her local community, church friends and guests from Australia. Nomsa our project manager cooked up a feast for everyone. Sarah was gifted a new blanket but loved her birthday cake the most and wanted to eat it instead of her lunch.

During the formal part of the party we acknowledged Sarah’s Rural Health Motivator who together with Sarah’s son have been lovingly caring, washing, bathing and feeding her. They were both given gifts in appreciation of their care for Sarah.

goodbye sarah 1

Sarah sang to us once again and talked about all kinds of things enjoying the company as much as we did.

We noted however, that she was a little more tired and feeble than the last time we had seen her.

Sadly in December, we received the news that Sarah had passed away. Thankfully her passing was peaceful. The Operation Hope Swazi team attended her funeral.

This blog is our tribute to her. Sarah was certainly a light and a joy. We are thankful to have known this sweet little old lady even if only for a short moment of time.

God Bless you Sarah… we will truly miss you.



  1. Cynthia Campbell says:

    What a lovely tribute to a dear sweet lady. Bless you Fiona.

  2. Andre Van Eymeren says:

    It was such a privilege to meet Sarah and be at her 99th birthday party. Your post is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady.

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