Global School Classrooms and Pit Latrines… completed!

In 2014 Operation Hope began working  with the Global Revival Primary School – a school that had many poor and vulnerable students in its makeup. The school was in desperate need of  more classrooms. One classroom alone had 112 students which made both learning and teaching very difficult! Through the generosity of our supporters and donors, together with the school community, the Swazi Government and Operation Hope, we were able to build 4 new classrooms over an 18 month period.  We were also able to build 4 much needed pit latrines for the girls.

Many families volunteered their time and labour to carry rocks, dig trenches and lay bricks. It was great to see the community getting involved. It gave them a sense of ownership and purpose.


Whilst the pit latrines were under construction we taught the children about health and sanitation as part of our Germ Free Me campaign in the school, and then ran a song competition between the classes. The children had to come up with a song about the importance of washing their hands. The results were amazing! They wrote their own songs, choreographed dances and put so much effort into their performance. It was fantastic. The winning groups performed at the school opening in front of many dignitaries, including the local Minister of Parliament and government officials.


A cow was slaughtered as part of the cultural celebrations and the whole school community fed. It really was an inspiring day.

We were so pleased to see class sizes reduced from 112 to 40. The new classrooms support the teacher’s efforts, improve the children’s learning and show positive educational outcomes.


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