Which countries do Operation Hope support?

Operation Hope currently works in Swaziland and Sri Lanka. We have a team in Swaziland and an in-country partner in Sri Lanka.

Who does the work?

In Swaziland, we are registered as a not for profit NGO under the name of Operation Hope Swaziland. We have 2 paid Swazis who work all year round. We are hoping to expand this team once more resources become available.

For 2-6 months of each year we also have at least 2 people from Australia come to help with the work. We also use this time to train and develop the local team. This work is done on a voluntary basis as all volunteers are expected to financially support themselves.

In Sri Lanka we partner with LEADS.


How are donations spent?

All monies raised are used in the following ways:

• Building Projects (Houses & Pit Latrines)
• Education & Training Programs
• Sister Act Pad production and distribution (both in Swaziland and Sri Lanka)
• Wages for the Operation Hope Swaziland Team (currently 2 local Swazi workers).
• Emergency Food programs
• Water projects
• General office administration
• Other various projects that come to our attention.

If otherwise specified by the donor all donations and contributions go into the general fund and are then distributed to particular needs as seen fit.


Are any wages drawn by the Australian Team or Volunteers?

No. The board and Australian team are volunteers and as such do not derive any wage from Operation Hope. This is to ensure that all monies raised goes to those in need. All volunteers are expected to financially support themselves.


Are donations to Operation Hope tax deductable?

Donations to Operation Hope Swaziland project J745N are tax deductible in Australia and US. UK donors may be eligible for tax effective giving. Click here for more information.

Donations to projects in Sri Lanka are currently not tax deductible.


How can I help?

• Support our Fundraisers (Luncheons, Curry Nights, Dinner Dances, Trivia Nights and other events)
• Make a Tax Deductible Donation
• Sponsor a Child
• Prayer
• Bring your skills to Swaziland (and experience Swaziland first-hand)
• Volunteer in Australia (promoting events, advocacy, etc)
• Host an Operation Hope Dinner Information night
• Donate goods or services for our Trivia Night Fundraisers
• Donate goods to take abroad (please contact us to discuss what is needed or what is appropriate)

If you have any further 
questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.