Family Health & Livelihood

A healthy community needs clean water, food provision, safe housing, access to medical care, education and income opportunities to thrive.

Swaziland is no different.

However the lack of these necessities together with other barriers like HIV and TB continually propels some families into the downward spiral of poverty. Families are left sick, malnourished, vulnerable and unable to work. Operation Hope works with these families to bring them to a place of relative health and well being.

We try to do this through the following ways…


family health & livelihood 2Mealie Meal Food Ration Program

Our on ground team delivers short term, monthly food rations comprising of mealie meal (milled corn), oil, sugar, beans, soup mix and soap.

This ration is supplementary to what the family already has. We work alongside these families towards finding ways for them to be independent and have a more sustainable food solution.




family health & livelihood 3Kitchen Gardens, Seeds & Fencing

Because each family’s soil and climate conditions vary, Operation Hope works alongside agricultural experts to work out and plan with each family what is the best crop solution to sow to hopefully yield successful harvests.

This is one solution to the food shortage problem and gives families the ability and opportunity to sustain themselves.




family health & livelihood 5Homes & Pit Latrines

Where necessary Operation Hope builds new homes or repairs delapidated homes for vulnerable families who have no financial or physical means of repairing their home themselves.

Pit latrines are provided with every house we build to improve hygienic conditions. You can read more about our building projects here.






family health & livelihood 6Medical Care Assistance

Often clinic visits, medication and hospitalisation can be quite expensive. Because of this, many families do not seek medical help, exacerbating their illness and making recovery even more difficult. Sometimes the lack of treatment leads to death.

Operation Hope on occasion pays medical costs for families.





Clothing & Other Assistance

Operation Hope provides needy families with donated clothing.

We occasionally pay for school uniforms to keep children in school and thereby giving them a better chance at receiving an education.






Small Holder Business Training

This is usually introduced once the family has come to a place of health. Many of our families are now at this stage of exploring ways that they can make a living for themselves. This training is done either one to one or as part of a wider training program.


HIV/TB Testing & Information

Operation Hope gently and sensitively encourages all families we work with to know their HIV status. This is imperative for sustaining life, accessing medications and taking preventative measures to minimise the risk of transferring infections onto others, including unborn and breastfeeding children.