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Kennedy & Victor

One of the reasons we came to Kenya was to see our two sponsor children and our church’s sponsor children. I first heard about Compassion at a Hillsong conference in back in 1999. At that time I was one of the Children leaders at Winepress church. I thought connecting the children to another child somewhere […]

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When we think of community aid and development we often think of large local and international organisations doing the work. However, I would like to introduce you to some very special local people we met during our time here whose commitment to the poor is simply outstanding. They are the heroes making a difference on […]

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Angry Hope

To ‘Look, Listen and Learn’ was my purpose for this trip and over the last few weeks we have been privileged to really get a glimpse into Swazi life. We have had diverse conversations with people from many sectors and groups ranging from young adults, health workers, doctors, community workers, teachers, NGOs (local and international), […]

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Smiles All Around

There are so many stories we would like to share with you as our time in Swaziland comes to an end, but for now let me tell you about Sipho’s family and the children at Good Shepherd Hospital. Sipho’s Vegie Garden We got to know Sipho’s family through one of the Home Based Care team […]

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Mega’s Mega Day!

Today was a very special day for one particular child we met during one of our homestead visits. His name is Mega (pronounced Mare-gar) and he used to live with his mother, stepfather and two stepbrothers and an unrelated gogo until recently when his mother was killed in a stabbing incident in late 2010. After […]

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Home ‘New’ Home (pt 1)

Remember our ‘Home Improvements’ blog? Well today we were privileged to meet with Make Mamba (the owner of the house we helped repair), a builder, a healthcare worker and the local chief to discuss the possibility of building her a new 2 bedroom home. Most of the land in Swaziland is national land and is […]

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Grateful Hearts

Wide eyed wonderment! Excited cheering! Open mouthed awe… beautiful childhood expressions Pushing a car “brummm, brummm” Hugging a doll Playing marbles… simple childhood experiences These are images I am familiar with. I have seen them so many times when caring for children and it has always brought a smile to my face. However, in all […]

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Liquid Gold

“Water is gold” was a comment made by Babe Elliot when we visited the Mambane Care Point. In 2009 donations to Operation Hope funded a water tank here in this much needed area. Possible Dreams International facilitated in installing the tank and added a pump and bore hole as well. This water point now services […]

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Broken Hearts…

This blog so far has been used to tell our story, to give you a glimpse into what we are doing, when really we came to share their stories. To be honest, it has been too hard to write as everything inside is still too raw. Each time I have tried in my head to […]

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Our Swazi Christmas

In Siteki the people know it’s Christmas. However, unlike back home, the hustle and bustle starts on the 24th… so did most of Siteki…the queues for the counters filled each aisle! Lucky we are living in ‘African time’ (African time = whatever time I can get there) so we found it humourous rather than annoying. […]

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Swazi Safari

After a busy week of visiting homesteads Thando offered to drive us to Hlane (pronounced Hla – nay) National Park… which was only 20 minutes away from where we’re staying. The National Park is wonderful – it has Braai (Swazi BBQ) facilities. You can even camp in some of the designated areas. So with cameras […]

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Home Improvements

Towards the end of the day we went out with the HBC team again to help repair a heavily leaking roof at one of the homesteads. It had been raining for some time now and the family were sleeping in a mud hut on a wet muddy floor with no mattress. Oh my goodness! When […]

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‘See’ Change

This afternoon we were invited by Dr Jonathan Pons (who owns Mabuda Farm with his wife Helen) to observe him performing cataract surgery at the Good Shepherd Hospital in Siteki. Until recently Dr Pons has been the only ophthalmologist in Swaziland. The eye surgery he performs is literally life transforming. For children it changes the quality […]

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The Gift

Over the past few days we have been working with the Home Based Care team (HBC) by putting on small Christmas parties for outback ‘homesteads’. A homestead is basically an extended family group living together. These families are identified by the Home Based Care team from Good Shepherd Hospital as living below the poverty line […]

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Hello Swaziland

Hello Swaziland! After 3 plane flights and 2 loooong transit waits in airports we touched down safe and sound in Swaziland… and all in a tiring 32 hours! Mind you Singapore airport totally rocks – free foot massage machines, mini gardens with fish filled ponds and free ‘Photo Me’ postcard facility broke the monotony. We […]

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Ready, Set, Go!

Although the lead up to leaving was somewhat stressful, it was really exciting to see two suitcases packed with jacks, beanies and clothing for the children of Swaziland. Getting the excess baggage allowance really helped (Special thanks Singapore Airlines). Chris managed to buy out a toy factory’s stock of jacks. (Remember this game with pick […]

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Beanies, Balls & Ballpoints…

This Christmas we will be in Swaziland and hope to join in with local celebrations. Swaziland is primarily Zionist, a blend of Christianity and indigenous ancestral worship, so Christmas is still celebrated. We hope to add some colour to their already colourful celebrations with the kind donation of handmade beanies, bags and dresses from some […]

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