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Bettina’s Garden

Bettina lives in a remote rural area in Swaziland with 10 family members, 9 of whom are children. Bettina tries to feed her family by collecting water with her donkey and selling this water to the community. Sometimes they eat only one light meal a day. The children are often hungry which makes studying difficult. The […]

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Party on…

We all know celebrating special moments and creating memories are important. Time spent with family and friends are immortalised in our photos, videos and on social media. In fact as this year draws to a close many of us will continue to create memories and have fun at end of year celebrations, reflecting on the […]

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We are family…

In 2013 we were referred by social welfare to a family in one of the communities we work in.  At our initial visit we met 4 beautiful girls (3 sisters and a cousin). Their parents had died and they were living with their gogo (grandma). The gogo has tried her best to provide for the children, […]

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Community Development Worker Training

The first part of last year saw an intensive process of selection and training of volunteer Community Development Workers. These workers, who were chosen by their own community, are now representatives of Operation Hope Swaziland for their community and vice versa. Training topics have included gender, the environment, child protection, reporting mechanisms, communication, conflict resolution, […]

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A National Treasure

Meet Gogo Sarah. Sarah was born in 1914 and lives high on a hill in a mud hut with her son. Her son takes cares of her with the help of the local RHM (Rural Health Motivator). Sarah was raised at Ebenezer Mission, about 15 mins from Siteki (where we live). The missionaries of the time […]

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Home ‘New’ Home (pt 4)

Remember our ‘Home New Home’ blog series? If not check out the previous entries first (Home ‘New’ Home Pt 1, 2 and 3) in the archive section.Before we left Swaziland in June 2012 we decided to have a house warming party for Make Mamba and her family. It was so much fun – we had […]

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Firm Foundations

Remember Gogo Lobusika? She was living in that falling down hut and sleeping on only bed springs. In March last year we had secured temporary housing via a loaned plastic tent from the Swaziland Red Cross. Soon after we gained permission from the headmen to build her a house (see ‘An Unexpected Day’, ‘Permission Granted’ […]

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Home ‘New’ Home (pt 3)

She put on her body and head covering and ran screaming towards us, hands clapping and flailing in the air, and then pointing to her new home… that was the greeting we got when we paid a surprise visit to Make (mother) Mamba to check out the house Operation Hope built for her last year. […]

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No Hurry in Africa

So it has been some time since we last blogged. It’s not that there has been nothing happening – on the contrary. We have been super busy getting organised to launch Operation Sister Act as well as starting to build new homes, hosting parties and going on medical trips etc (these I will detail in […]

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I Slept in…

Over the last few days I have really had a hard time sleeping. I have struggled, tossed, turned and seen morning  come all too quickly. As a result I have been so tired, grumpy (I know you are having a hard time imagining this), and have been unable to concentrate properly which has affected my […]

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Permission Granted

The Operation Hope Swaziland Team (yes we now have a Swaziland team!) had our meeting today with the chiefdom and local MP to get their permission and blessing to build the Gogo’s house. Things here happen very slowly and you’ve got to do things by the spoken book (politics, politics, politics). We had the meeting […]

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An Unexpected Day…

A few weeks ago we were alerted by a close friend to a disturbing situation that was taking place around 20km from where we were staying. We were shocked when we visited Gogo Lobusika and saw how she was living. We found her house (if you can call it that) literally falling apart and on […]

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Choices, choices, choices…

Have you ever thought about the many kinds of choices we are faced with today? Hmmm? Let’s mention a few… Well for a start there are career choices – what occupation are we going to pursue? What courses are available? Which university or college should we go to? Then there are everyday home choices – […]

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A Day with the King

Earlier this week we met the Mayor of Siteki, Norman Sigwane. He popped in for a visit with his pastor in the hope that we might help some of the people in his community. We are hoping to visit his community next week to see what we can do. Today Norman told us that the […]

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Lollipop Heaven

Today I was so excited to visit Lillian a lovely woman we met last year. To be honest, I fell in love with her children. They are so full of spunk, are always smiling and remind me that you can always find hope, laughter and joy even if life is hard… oh and they love, […]

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Operation Sister Act – Pilot Launch

We’re proud to say the launch of our Operation Sister Act program was an amazing success! We went to a school that we had previously donated musical instruments to and visited in 2008. After a very long drive to this remote rural village in Sri Lanka we were greeted by their one and only doctor. […]

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Operation Sister Act – Pad Production

It is great to be out in the field again with time to not only implement the projects we have been working so hard towards but to also have some wonderful conversations and dream about what could be. Today was one of those surreal days….. It wasn’t so long ago that I came across an […]

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Home ‘New’ Home (pt 2)

Remember our ‘Home ‘New’ Home blog back in January? If not check it out first. Thought you would love to see the new home that was finally finished for Make Mamba and her family. In addition to the home, we also built a pit latrine and provided Make Mamba and her children with new mattresses. […]

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Our Journey with Compassion

When it comes to child sponsorship many people are hesitant to give because they are uncertain about where their money goes. Does it really help the child? How much is allocated to administration? Who really benefits? Is it all a scam? These are legitimate questions. It is important whenever donating money that you know how […]

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Lovins & Grace

The visit to the boys project centre was wonderful. However, Chris and I were unprepared for the emotional response we felt when we met our two sponsor girls, Lovins and Grace. Lovins and Grace captured our hearts right from the get go. We fell in love with these two special girls. It was a time […]

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