Celebrating 10 years – a snapshot

How time flies… November 2015 marked 10 years since Operation Hope was incorporated (and we almost missed it!). It’s been truly remarkable to see what has been achieved through the support and generosity of our Operation Hope community. We send out a huge THANK YOU for journeying the cause with us. Below is a brief outline of our 3 key […]

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Elm Creations

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Collage Chic

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Water Is Life

This year we have seen drought hit rural areas once more. Many in Australia know how severe drought can be. Here in Swaziland it is a killer. Animals die, harvests are low (or non existent) and water in springs and dams are compromised and then disappear. The repercussions have been severely felt, resulting in health problems, […]

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Global School Classroom Project – April Update…

Operation Hope began a relationship with the Global Revival School in 2014 when we enrolled the 3 orphan girls that we began caring for into the school (read more about the girls here). When we inspected the school we were shocked to discover that some of the classrooms had over 100 children in them, making […]

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Goodbye Sweet Lady

In one of our earlier blogs we spoke about Sarah, our national treasure. Last year we had the privilege to celebrate her 99th birthday with some of her local community, church friends and guests from Australia. Nomsa our project manager cooked up a feast for everyone. Sarah was gifted a new blanket but loved her birthday cake the most […]

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Bettina’s Garden

Bettina lives in a remote rural area in Swaziland with 10 family members, 9 of whom are children. Bettina tries to feed her family by collecting water with her donkey and selling this water to the community. Sometimes they eat only one light meal a day. The children are often hungry which makes studying difficult. The […]

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Party on…

We all know celebrating special moments and creating memories are important. Time spent with family and friends are immortalised in our photos, videos and on social media. In fact as this year draws to a close many of us will continue to create memories and have fun at end of year celebrations, reflecting on the […]

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OH Home Slider 6 – Temaswati

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OH Home Slider 7 – Sarah

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We are family…

In 2013 we were referred by social welfare to a family in one of the communities we work in.  At our initial visit we met 4 beautiful girls (3 sisters and a cousin). Their parents had died and they were living with their gogo (grandma). The gogo has tried her best to provide for the children, […]

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Community Development Worker Training

The first part of last year saw an intensive process of selection and training of volunteer Community Development Workers. These workers, who were chosen by their own community, are now representatives of Operation Hope Swaziland for their community and vice versa. Training topics have included gender, the environment, child protection, reporting mechanisms, communication, conflict resolution, […]

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A National Treasure

Meet Gogo Sarah. Sarah was born in 1914 and lives high on a hill in a mud hut with her son. Her son takes cares of her with the help of the local RHM (Rural Health Motivator). Sarah was raised at Ebenezer Mission, about 15 mins from Siteki (where we live). The missionaries of the time […]

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OH Home Slider 2 – Sri Lankan Sisters

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OH Home Slider 8 – Patrick

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OH Home Slider 3 – Schoolgirls

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Home ‘New’ Home (pt 4)

Remember our ‘Home New Home’ blog series? If not check out the previous entries first (Home ‘New’ Home Pt 1, 2 and 3) in the archive section.Before we left Swaziland in June 2012 we decided to have a house warming party for Make Mamba and her family. It was so much fun – we had […]

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