Any excuse for a party!

Over the last 6 years we have occasionally put on parties for the local children. Why? Well just because really… you don’t need a reason to party do you?

Let’s be honest – many of the children and families in poor marginalised rural areas shoulder so much responsibility that taking a day off is a release. We see it on their faces. Allowing children to be children to have fun, to laugh, to run, to play, well that is as important as all the other community development initiatives.

Parties also help us in building community relationships. There is nothing like having a good laugh with a friend – it breaks down barriers.

We have had parties in individual homes, in small communities and in care points (a place where orphan and vulnerable children go for a meal and basic preschool education).

Sometimes the gift a child receives may be their first. We have seen old gogos literally stand up with arms out stretched and clapping in thanks for their gift. Participants are blessed with food and drink as well as fun games. It is a day we all love.

We hope you enjoy the highlights of party celebrations as much as we do.


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