Angry Hope

To ‘Look, Listen and Learn’ was my purpose for this trip and over the last few weeks we have been privileged to really get a glimpse into Swazi life. We have had diverse conversations with people from many sectors and groups ranging from young adults, health workers, doctors, community workers, teachers, NGOs (local and international), the World Food Program and (most importantly) local Swazi men and women.

Some of what I have learnt has at times left me really angry towards the corruption within government, at the misappropriation of funds by organisations and at the regular bureaucratic nonsense that causes long delays and risk to life. I have been disturbed by the lack of consultation at the ‘ground level’ with the Swazi people which in turn has lead to ‘poor’ or inadequate decisions.

Despite the anger however there is hope.

Swaziland has many needs (sometimes very overwhelming needs). However, what has shone through is a sense of joy and hope. Despite really terrible circumstances these people have resilience and are extremely hard working. What they need is a hand up not a hand out.

We have fallen in love with this land and its beautiful people. We would like to continue to commit funding, time and our hearts to making a difference ‘one life at a time’.

Our prayer is that you will join us. Together we can make a bigger impact like the differences we’ve made in the lives of Mage Mamba, Sipho, Babe Elliot, Mega, Siphesihle and the homestead children and gogos.

Our time here has drawn to an end and our hearts are sad. But just like I told our new Swazi friends, it is ‘see ya later Swaziland’ not goodbye.

You have given us so much more than we could ever give you.


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