With much excitement and joy, we would like to announce that Operation Hope has merged with an incredible organisation, Compelled By Love.


This means you have the opportunity to partner with something even bigger, as we expand our reach to help more people, in more countries. 

Our values have always framed how we work and operate, and it is these values that have led us to make this monumental yet exciting decision to merge with Compelled By Love. Change is not new for us: Operation Hope has had many organisational changes through the years including our name as we grew and evolved but this one is the most significant.

Operation Hope has functioned with a volunteer board, only one volunteer staff and of course many other volunteers through the years. The ability to grow, expand and deepen our partnerships and work has however been limited by our size and capacity. Not wanting to compromise what has been built for the last 87 years, we needed to find a solution that was more sustainable for the future, a solution that would help to continue our work, where partnership and collaboration was key.

The merge with Compelled By Love solidifies this search. Compelled By Love not only share a similar philosophy, mission and vision with Operation Hope but our values are also very aligned. So, after many conversations, meetings and prayer, Operation Hope merged with Compelled By Love at the start of July 2021.

As part of our work both local and overseas, Operation Hope has been privileged to be part of many people’s stories and for this we are truly thankful. Our impact is your impact, so we are grateful that you have journeyed with us. To learn more about our history and impact please click here. 

This exciting new phase will ensure our 87-year legacy that was started by Shelton Schokman Snr in Sri Lanka will continue, that our resources will be shared and maximised, that our work will be more efficient and as a result, our impact increased. To learn more about CBL and the merge please click here

Fiona will continue on the CBL Board and as paid staff overseeing the projects in Sri Lanka, eSwatini (formerly Swaziland), Rwanda and India. If you have any questions about the merge or would like to continue to give of your time and resources, please do not hesitate to contact Fiona at fiona.grech@cbl.org.au.

You will continue to receive news and updates as we merge our database with CBL. But if you’d like to learn more about CBL, please visit the Compelled By Love website , like us on Facebook  and on Instagram.

Operation Hope would like to thank everyone for your love, support and generosity over the years. Without you this next phase of our development couldn’t have taken place. We truly value your continued support!



Operation Hope is a faith based, not for profit community development organisation that seeks to respond to global poverty, marginalisation and injustice.

Working primarily in the Lubombo region of Swaziland and in several districts of Sri Lanka our development activities focus on water and sanitation, emergency housing and food relief, sustaining livelihoods and empowerment training.

The approach to our work is culturally appropriate, encouraging community participation and leadership wherever possible and developing sustainable outcomes for individual families and small communities in these regions.

Training programs are run for community development workers in each community. These programs aim to lead and motivate transformational development from within. Our other programs include Operation Sister Act (which focuses on girl’s sanitary health), women’s empowerment groups and youth programs that encourage HIV testing and minimise the stigmatisation associated with HIV/AIDS.

Operation Hope (through our in country partners) regularly meet with individual families and communities to discuss their needs and utilise their strengths and assets to help them plan for a more sustainable future..